From the smells of the afternoons in the fields to brackish discoveries under the sea, I bring to the table a quintessence of my Island, of its deepest roots, of my more vivid memories. I want that the Sicilian traditional cuisine is no longer a stereotype: I dig out its essence striving to find an identity that is still able to surprise.
It took me years to learn how to make a tomato soup like the one that my mum used to bring to the table, many more – plus hours spent talking to fishermen, on the shore – to understand how

to better express sea products: now I try to look Sicily from above and to offer an unknown but truthful portrait of it, able to include both contradictions and contaminations.
Even such a complex, energetic, sometimes naturally violent land, can be told through the cuisine in a fine and transparent way: to me a dish is ready only when I feel I have achieved the maximum level of delicacy and elegance.

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Our wine list simply reflects the cellar of a wine enthusiast. I have chosen a few bottles, no more than 150 labels, so that I can be sure to know each winemaker in person.
Personally I love sparkling wines and I would drink them with all courses: that’s why, in addition to choosing Sicily’s best sparkling wines, I am glad to offer my guests my favourite ones, from Franciacorta to Champagne.

It’s not banal to say that my cuisine, so deeply bonded to the products that Sicily offers us seasonally, has to be complemented on the table with wines that come from the same territories: the great white ones of Western Sicily and of the islands and the intense red ones coming from the Mount Etna and the South-West. A strong friendship with Sicilian small winemakers – most of whom are truly independent and committed in the resarch of natural solutions – make me feel sure that I can offer my guests a really unique wine-tasting experience combined with the dishes.
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