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They call me the Cook of the two Sicilies because my childhood memories and the inspirations of my experience led me to travel from West to East Sicily. Just like two distant regions, each one of them has its own story that affects taste rituals: a thousand contradictions separate them but the boundless richness of nature unites them. And I try to protect all this nature precisely by exalting it in my cuisine.

I was born in Sciacca, in the Agrigento province, in 1976.
After the graduation at the Hotel School, with a luggage and the desire to learn in my hands I travelled the world: I started on the Dolomiti mountains, then I went to Germany, in Frankfurt, at the Osteria Enoteca (1 Michelin star) where the cuisine was a fusion of Piedmont influence and the Mediterranean tradition of sweet-and-sour, and then I landed to the Milanese restaurant Joia.

I worked at Pietro Leemann’s court for 15 months, from 2000 to 2002: there I have learnt the art of appreciating the naturalness of products, the skilfullness in the use of vegetable ingredients, the lightness of style, the Chinese mindset adapted to the Mediterranean cuisine and the importance of use of the five main elements of taste – bitterness, sourness, hotness, saltiness and sweetness– in the construction of each dish.
Together with my Master we decided that I had to go forward and so I chose Massimiliano Alajmo and his restaurant Le Calandre. There I have learnt that words can accompany a dish just like a soundtrack: no dissonance among the senses, no contradictions between hearing and taste, vision and sense of smell, only harmonious syntesis.
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The call of my homeland brought me back to Sicily. Eastwards, this time. I started my new experience in Modica, at Fattoria delle Torri: during this time all my childood memories, the smells and the aromas of my grandma’s meals and of my family kept arousing… All seemed to have a meaningful value in the construction of my profile as a mature professional.
Shortly after I got to Noto and there I met Corrado Assenza and his Caffè Sicilia. Massimo Alajmo, close friend of the both of us, was the yeast of our friendship and partnership: a relationship based on the balance of sweet and savoury, with no dogmas, and the only desire to take out of each ingredient its deepest essence, so that to create a food that is a total experience for the Man, not just for the guest. A way, for me, to seamlessly continue my experience at Le Calandre.

In 2005, I opened the Gazza Ladra in Modica, where I was able to express the ability, the sensitiveness and the experience that I had assimilated over the years, until the achievement of the Michelin Star, that I received in 2008. There I remained until 2012, when I felt that the time had come for me to have my own space.

So, in June 2014, Accursio Ristorante was born. And here it starts, together with you, my new journey.

Accursio Craparo